"Mic Grant has successfully completed many projects for me over the years. His attention to detail and precision craftsmanship is marvelous to watch. The value in his workmanship is never in doubt. He always shows up when he says, and prices seem very reasonable I have referred him to many others over the years and his customer service is top notch. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing home improvement. He is a very kind man and has never forgotten his mother’s birthday. He is a terrific son."


love MOM  

“Mic is terrific about scheduling, and has come through for us quickly in emergencies. He has great attention to detail. He is a team player who works well with anyone. We have referred him to several neighbors who were equally happy with his work.”

Rick Lovett

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Mic Grant is an excellent craftsman and a joy to work with. He has worked on a range of projects for us over the last several years, including rebuilding a deck and gate, major repairs to fine woodwork, and various minor repairs. He handled each with superior carpentry skills, great problem-solving ability and a positive, upbeat attitude.” 

Barbara Piette

"Mic is a really fine craftsman and carpenter and can cover the range from general repairs to cabinet making. His work is first rate. What makes him unique is that he also has a good eye for design and often improves on the original idea. He's a good listener and has often helped me figure out what I want to do. Mic has worked on projects for both my business and home, and I've always been completely happy with the results. He's got an excellent collection of partners, so he can also act as a very effective general contractor on larger jobs."

Phil Johnson

“I have had the good fortune of working with Mic on 3 major projects: a basement build out, large scale renovation of a B&B into a private home, and the construction of a pool house. Mic is a skilled and knowledgeable craftsman. Mic is meticulous from start to finish and it shows in the finished product. Mic is thoughtful and experienced when it comes to both design and functional issues that may come up during a project. Mic always stayed a step ahead of me in the process which made for stress-free and smooth renovations. Mic is truly respectful of the homeowner and the spaces in which he works. He also knows top-notch sub-contractors who are equally knowledgeable and respectful. I would not hesitate to recommend Mic to anybody who is considering a project of any size.” 

Maura Zimmerman

“I am so happy that I found Mic Grant. I totally trust him as a carpenter, and value his integrity, his work ethic, his enthusiasm, intelligence, craftsmanship and his respect for and involvement of the customer (not to mention his patience!). I recommend him to friends without hesitation (except that I worry that he’ll get so booked up that he won’t be available when I need him next!)."  

Janet Randall

“Mic has built two bookcases and two garden gates for my 1912 Arts & Crafts style bungalow in Cambridge. Each of these projects required figuring out a design that would be in keeping with the room or outdoor space involved. Even though I am usually a fanatic about aesthetic details, I left the design of these projects completely up to Mic.

All four were just what the space required, in terms of style, scale, trim, and hardware. Mic executed each separate project from start to finish in one day. He left the site clean and the rest of the house undisturbed. His prices are reasonable, he is fun to deal with, and as I say, he has a great eye. Needless to say, I think you should hire him!”

Morgan Mead

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